Information about the MDG15-1

Information about the MDG15-1

mobile disinfector


"the handset"


What cannot be "achieved" with the MDG16-1 is what our handy MDG15-1 is designed for.


The MDG15-1 is a handheld unit with an output of 2 UV-C tubes a. 16 Watt.

It can be operated at any household 230 volt socket.

The MDG15-1 is switched on via a control switch on the device and has a combined counting device for operating hours and pulses (switch-on) in order to precisely determine the running time and thus the performance of the tubes.





The development concerns the mobile disinfection unit MDG15-1, for chemical-free sterilisation and disinfection of all surfaces.


The MDG15-1 is the most effective way of chemical-free disinfection! In "Problem - rooms and areas".

























The 2 UV-C tubes have a wavelength of 253.7 nm (nm = nanometer).


The total consumption of the MDG15-1, with an output of 2 UV-C tubes of 16 W/h each, is approx. 36 W/h. Compared to other processes, the MDG15-1 is environmentally friendly and economical in operation since no chemicals are used.




The "disinfectant material" can consist of all possible materials and substances.


Please refer to the "Listing" under MDG16-1 Information. Thank you.


Disinfection with the MDG15-1 is carried out without chemicals, so that the rooms in which the "disinfectant material" is located do not have to be cleared.


The MDG15-1, with its compact form and low weight, is particularly suitable for places that are difficult to access.





In the MDG15-1, 2 UV-C - tubes are equipped with 16 Watt each.


The MDG15-1, has 2 separate ballasts for each of the two UV-C - tubes with

16 watts each.


The MDG15-1, has a built-in operating hours counter (not resettable), for an exact recording of the required time.


The MDG15-1 is operated via a rocker control switch with lighting.


The MDG15-1, has as standard 1 piece of connection cable 3 mtr. (other lengths are also available on request).


The MDG15-1 consumes approx. 36 Watt/hour.


The MDG15-1 is delivered in an aluminium profile case with foam inlay.























For more details, please refer to the instructions for use and safety,

that come with every MDG15-1.











In the upper part, there is the rocker control switch as well as the installation socket (with quick release) for the 230 Volt supply line.

In the aluminum profile case are:


The 3 m long connection cable with "special socket",

the removable "handle",


safety goggles according to EN166 with CE marking and optical class 1 lens, and


the protective gloves (clinic quality), to cover the skin on the forearms and hands.

The attachment of the removable ball handle is screwed to the rear wall via an M8 internal thread.

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