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"Our vision"

With our UV-C – disinfection- and cleaning appliances, we want to contribute to environmental protection and minimise the use of chemical cleaning agents.

Chemical cleaning agents cannot be completely replaced but they can be used sensibly and their use can be reduced by using “environmentally friendly” technology.

We have committed ourselves to UV-C – technology, to enable a reasonable cooperation with our environment also in the future.

The risk of overloading our environment with chemicals is huge!

"Use a spray for something and the job is done ".

"NO"! unfortunately it isn‘t!

One just needs to consider the amount of chemical cleaning agents used to disinfect an “isolated” room in a hospital ward.

Usage example: Hospital ward isolated room

Chemical cleaning agents

UV-C – Light

The isolated room must be completely treated with chemical cleaning agents by specially trained staff

The isolated room cannot be used by severely ill patients for a longer period of time.

The patient has to be moved for the period of time in which the room is cleaned and whilst the fumes vapourise.

UV-C – lights are installed in the isolated room. These are used for 60 minutes


After a short time, the patient can return to the room.

Siegfried Dönges



Almost 50 years work experience!

With structure and thoroughness, led by Siegfried Dönges, the company ESD continually pursues its visions, targets and projects.

The main arguments for Electro-Service-Dönges

UV-C – cleaning appliances


  • there is neither a change of smell nor of taste in the cleaned and disinfected rooms,
  • no impact on the environment as purely physical applications are used,
  • low maintenance requirement as the parts are easily accessable,
  • little space requirement,
  • ease of use,
  • low usage costs,
  • no danger of under or over dosage,
  • sterilisation of chemically resistant pathogenic agents.

Now a very weighty criterion and clear argument:

The cost factor!

Chemical cleaning agents: when they are used up, they need to be repurchased.

UV-C – lights: one purchase and a small amount of chemicals to disinfect the UV-C lights as a maintenance procedure.

Facit: The UV-C – light solution is, in the long term, considerably more cost efficient, not as personnel intensive and also considerably more environmentally friendly.

With the following articles and videos, it is not our intention to attack employees of hospitals or similar institutions,

After all, they are the real heroes of daily life.


We want to emphasise that our methods bring substantial advantages to the factors “cost, time and environment”.