"Our vision"

With our UV-C – disinfection- and cleaning appliances, we want to contribute to environmental protection and minimise the use of chemical cleaning agents.

Chemical cleaning agents cannot be completely replaced but they can be used sensibly and their use can be reduced by using “environmentally friendly” technology.

We have committed ourselves to UV-C – technology, to enable a reasonable cooperation with our environment also in the future.

The risk of overloading our environment with chemicals is huge!

"Use a spray for something and the job is done ".

"NO"! unfortunately it isn‘t!

One just needs to consider the amount of chemical cleaning agents used to disinfect an “isolated” room in a hospital ward.

The fields of application of our

MDG's are almost infinite.

Chemical cleaning agents

UV-C – Light

In the rooms to be disinfected, poisonous fumes and smells are formed which only evaporate again after a certain time.


These rooms cannot be used during this type of disinfection.


A UV-C lamp is installed in the room to be disinfected, which is put into operation for approx. 20 minutes.


The room can then be used again directly.

Please note the (information about MDG16-1), thank you.


Siegfried Dönges



Over 50 years work experience!

With structure and thoroughness, led by Siegfried Dönges, the company ESD continually pursues its visions, targets and projects.

The 9 most important arguments for

clean & healthy

disinfection & cleaning

with UV-C light & OZON


UV-C - disinfection and cleaning devices.



  1. there is no change in smell or taste (when using UV-C devices without OZON) in the rooms to be disinfected or cleaned,


  1. by simply exchanging the tubes, you can choose between:

1. only UV-C, 2. UV-C & OZON (ozone-forming) and 3. UV-C & OZON (strongly ozone- forming) decide which application is particularly suitable for you.


  1. no pollution of the environment, since a purely physical application takes place,


  1. Low maintenance requirements, as all parts are easily accessible,


  1. low space requirement,


  1. easy operation,


  1. low operating costs


  1. no danger of under- or overdosage,


  1. Disinfection especially of chemically resistant pathogens.

And now a very important criterion and clear argument:

The cost factor!

The UV-C - tubes of a UV-C - equipment of ESD, have a life span of approx. 9,000 hours.

To the care is sufficient depending upon need, if one wipes it after the ?employment? with something clear water and a soft cloth.

Chemical cleaning agents, when they are used up, you always have to buy new ones.

Conclusion: The UV-C lighting solution is much cheaper in the long run, less personnel-intensive and much more environmentally friendly.



Verifiable tests have shown:


Between 99.8 and 100 percent fewer germs, viruses and bacteria!



We "unite" with two important components,

an unbeatable duo:


UV-C - light and OZON



UV-C radiation is the most effective and smartest way to purify room air - and so easy.


UV-C radiation is like air purification with the power of sunlight.



People recognized the cleansing effect of sunlight early on. I'm sure you all know the clean scent and the wonderful freshness of sun-bleached laundry. The English scientists Downes and Blunt discovered the reason for this particular cleanliness in 1878. They found that microorganisms did not proliferate under the influence of sunlight.


Much later, it was discovered that especially the invisible ultraviolet light in a wavelength range of approx. 253.7 nm has a germicidal effect on bacteria, viruses, spores, yeast and moulds.


Ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) has properties that we only know from chemical or toxic disinfectants. It effectively and safely destroys pathogens. Only with one decisive difference: UV-C radiation, free of harmful substances and ozone!

UV-C radiation is the most effective and smartest way to purify room air.


With the following contributions and Video´s, we do not want to attack employees of hospitals or similar institutions and other areas of operation,

because they are the true heroes of everyday life.


We would like to point out again that with our methods,

the factors "cost, time and environment" can be significantly improved.

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