Description MDG15-1

Description of MDG15-1

Technical details:


The invention is the mobile disinfection device MDG15-1, for chemical-free sterilisation and disinfection of all surfaces.


The MDG15-1 ist the most effective means of chemical-free sterilisation and disinfection in „problem rooms and areas“.


The removable ball handle is fixed to the rear panel with an internal thread M8 screw

In the upper part is the rocker control switch with a built-in socket (with quick lock) for the 230 Volt supply.


In general:


The „object to be disinfected“ can be made of all types of materials or textiles.


The disinfection with the MDG15-1, takes place without chemicals, so that the rooms in which the objects to be disinfected are situated do not need to be cleared.


The MDG15-1, impresses due to its compact dimensions and low weight and is ideal for places which are difficult to access.


The MDG15-1, is equipped with a counter for the operation time (not resettable) to enable an exact record of the time requirement.


The operation time counter shows the time with decimal places.

The 1st and 2nd positions on the right (in red) show the units.

The digits (in white) on the left show the full hours.


The MDG15-1, is turned on by a rocker control switch.


The power usage of the MDG15-1,is approx. 40 watts per hour and, compared with other methods, is environmentally compatible with low running costs.


The MDG15-1, is supplied in a robust aluminium case, a pair of UV-C safety glasses is included in the standard equipment.


Technical details, dimensions and weight:

1. MDG15-1


In the MDG15-1, are 2 UV-C – tubes each with 16 watts.


The MDG15-1, comprises 2 separate electronic ballasts, one for each of the 2 UV-C – tubes with 16 watts, to ensure function with just 1 UV-C – tube 16 watts.


The MDG15-1, is operated by an illuminated rocker control switch.


The MDG15-1, has as standard equipment 1connection cable 3 metres long. (other lengths are also available).


The MDG15-1, requires approx. 40 watts/hour.


Dimensions: l = 340 x h1 = 80 mm & h2 = 90 mm = 110 x w = 80 mm.

Weight: approx. 1,750 kg.


2. Aluminium case


Dimensions: l = 455 x w = 330 x h = 152 mm.

Equipment: 1 handle, 2 locks and carry strap.

Material: Aluminium silver with a moulded foam compartment.

Weight: approx.. 2,500 kg.


3. UV-C - safety glasses


Safety glasses to EN166 with CE-label and glass of the optical class 1.

Safety gloves (Clinic quality), for covering the skin on the underarms and hands.


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